The museum has a well-stocked library with books, audio tapes and videos that you can refer to free of charge. 

You can look around the Museum van Bommel van Dam library online at

This allows you to search using the first letter of the publication you are looking for or random entire words in the description of the publication. Once you have found the publication you were looking for, always jot down the Etiketnr. Library Museum van Bommel van Dam. A museum employee can quickly find the corresponding publication with this number. Publications can be consulted in the museum and are, as a rule, not given out on loan. 

Want to learn more about art?
Together with the public library, the museum has created the website This website Want to learn more about art wants to provide handles to everyone looking for information about art since the beginning of the twentieth century. There is special attention for what took place in the southern Netherlands, the bordering North-Rhineland-Westphalia and Belgium from 1900.

Want to know more about art makes it simple to simultaneously search extensively the catalogues in the public library and in the Museum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo. Through the local public library, all the info can be seen and requested. The website regularly provides interesting links and updates in an events diary. Above all, the website is enticing, thanks to the appealing themes it introduces.

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