Museum van Bommel van Dam was officially opened on the 16th of October 1971 by the  Queen’s Commissioner for Limburg Ch. van Rooy and was part of this unique building, in which, apart from the museum, Maarten and Reina van Bommel-van Dam’s bungalow was included. When they gave their art collection to Venlo Municipality in 1969, Maarten and Reina insisted that they would always have access to the collection. The original building is a design by the Venlo architects Van Hest and Kimmel. Apart from the couple’s bungalow, it contains a large cubic exhibition space with gallery and adjoining offices.

Jos van Hest (1914-1998) from the architects’ firm Van Hest and Kimmel, based in Venlo, can be considered the leading designer for the museum. Van Hest had already been active in Venlo for some time and had completed a number of projects by the end of the nineteen sixties. Amongst his most important designs are the monastery Maria-Weide and the convent  Albertushof. He was also responsible for such varied projects as the attractive sports hall in Venlo and two gallery flats on the Postweg. Van Hest is often considered to belong to the Bossche School. The influence of the great Dom Hans van der Laan is certainly visible in Van Hest’s work. Even so, he developed his own characteristic style within this framework. Which is apparent in his exceptional attention to details, where the Bossche School generally employed a more minimalistic approach. Initially, Van Hest incorporated clearly traditionalist characteristics while, towards the end of his career, his work showed more modernist leanings. In the interim years, examples of transitional forms appear.

The absence of a presentation space resulted in an extension during the nineteen eighties. Architect Van London designed a new reception hall and a second exhibition hall. This new wing, opened on the 25th of November 1985 by the Minister for Culture E. Brinkman, gave the Museum van Bommel van Dam its current size.
To celebrate the exhibition Maarten & Reina in 2009, the central hall of Museum van Bommel van Dam was refurbished by designer Ton Tesink. The Van Bommel-van Dam’s former bungalow has made way for office spaces.

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