vBvD Foundation

In 1969, Maarten and Reina van Bommel-van Dam gave their collection of more than 1,100 works of art to Venlo Municipality. This did not mean that the Van Bommels stopped collecting. In 1985, the couple decided to place their private collection of another four hundred works of art in the Van Bommel van Dam Foundation. This collection was transferred to Venlo Municipality in the form of a long-term loan.

The Van Bommel van Dam Foundation was established in 1976. It was presented to Maarten van Bommel by friends and family as a gift for his seventieth birthday. The objective of the foundation is to manage and exhibit the works of art transferred to the foundation by the Van Bommel-van Dam couple. Above all, the foundation wants to promote the visual arts through the presentation of an encouragement prize. To this end, the foundation created the Van Bommel Van Dam Prize in 1977, a prize for young visual artists.

Additional information about the Van Bommel van Dam Foundation is available at the museum. T: 077 – 351 34 57 E: info@vanbommelvandam.nl


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